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VisiT beautiful victoria BC


Explore the Incredible Beauty and Hidden Treasures of Victoria and

southern Vancouver Island

The city of Victoria itself has an amazing array of beautiful sites to visit

Inner Harbour

In the very heart of the city, the inner harbour is the focal point from which to explore the region 

Fisherman's Wharf

A great place with vibrant float homes, whale watching tours, quirky restaurants and exceptional views

Beacon Hill Park

A spectacular urban park with mature forests, beautiful gardens and lakes, and sassy peacocks

The Empress Hotel

The Empress is an important and elegant link to Victoria’s vibrant past

Ogden Point Breakwater

The breakwater is a great place to feel as if you’re out on the ocean while enjoying breath-taking views of the mountains

Gonzales Beach

One of the many scenic beaches around Victoria, Gonzales Bay has a  sandy beach protected from the ocean winds

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